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Jordan Cakes

Hi! My name is Jordan, thank you so much for visiting my site and online bakery! 

Baking is my passion. I grew up with a mom who worked as a pastry chef. I spent hours watching her bake. It was my little piece of heaven.

My passion for baking came from those hours watching her make beautiful pastries that filled the whole house with sensational smells. 

What I remember most is how happy her baking made other people. I learned early on the quickest way to a smile is well-baked cookie!

I come from a big family where cooking is the best way for us to connect and express our love for each other. 

My recipes are generational and represent diverse family members from around the world. I still use my great grandma’s recipes. Baking is true connection for me!

So please, have a look around, place some orders, try something new! Bring a smile to your face or to someone else’s!

I love what I do and put my heart and soul into every bite you enjoy. 

Be well and enjoy the sweeter side of life!

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